Hello Friends and Family, My First Photoblog!

As many of you may know, I recently took up photography. I actually recently graduated from CCSF’s Photography school CCSF’s Photography school and completely fell in love with it. I am not all that good yet, but this blog will be used a sort of time line for my photography skills. Hopefully, as time goes on, and this website (hopefully!) gets more popular I can put together a list of photography tips for newbies like myself. This will be a fun project to go back in time with and see exactly how much I have improved over the years.

About Me:

I am a Yorba Linda, CA resident. Yorba Linda is an extremely nice city filled with beautiful horizons and scenery that is just begging to be photographed. Yorba Linda is located in Orange County, CA – the County of Orange is famous for its stretching beaches that never seem to end and elegant lifestyle that is so truthfully portrayed all over the media. I’m looking at your “real housewives of Orange County!”.

I started this website to eventually create a timeline for how my skills have improved, but truthfully, the real reason I started this website is because I just love photography so much and recently took a wordpress class. It’s extremely easy to start a website and start posting on wordpress so I figured the only reason not to start this website is pure Laziness.

Without Further Ado….
I simply can not wait to make my first post! This may seem a bit random but the plumber that came to my house was nice enough to let me take his picture. He let me take his picture, so I figured I would plug his website! Patrick Seale, a Yorba Linda plumber, did a great job at my house. I found him on Yelp (addicted to yelp!) and he had 5 stars with over 60 reviews! The fact that he let me take his picture, and did such an amazing job put him at the top of my list.


What do you guys think of the picture? I made sure to incorporate natural light as much as I could. This is a regular photograph taken on a decent camera with absolutely no filter. I hope to upgrade my camera soon and will let you guys know when I do. Until then, I welcome all constructive criticism!