About Us

About Picture Pundit

Photography has played a significant role in shaping the world we know today. And Picture Pundit is here to help newbies quench their thirst for this passion.

Be it commercial photography or art photography, we’re here to answer some common issues that newbies face.

A Sneak Peek of The Picture Pundits

The people behind Picture Pundit absolutely have a knack for photography. Most of them have real-time photography jobs. Apart from that, they try to spare some attention and help this amazing platform grow.

Team Picture Pundit plays its parts in four different yet correlated groups-

  1. The R&D Team(SEO, Strategizing, etc)
  2. Word Portrayers (Real-life photographers showing their expertise through being writer, editor, and data analyst)
  3. Front-end Development and Publishing
  4. Social Media Marketing

If you find yourself a suit for any of these four panels, shoot us an email either to  contact@picturepundit.com or reach us out via our contact page.

How Do We Strategize Our Contents?

As the people capturing the stage, we have a keen eye for the tiny issues that every photographer faces while they perform.

Now, including solutions to those problems, we have primarily 2 types of content that we publish in Picture Pundit-

  • Problem Solving
  • Knowledge sharing about different nerdy photography stuffs.

As part of the solutions, we also blend essential products that we find helpful and authentic for the users. This helps us to grow as a reader-supported platform because we receive small cuts from every successful purchase our readers make. Find more about our earning policies.

Let’s Keep The Conversation Going

If you feel interested to talk more about our team, policies, content strategies, or perhaps an opportunity to work together, we have our window open! Send a message to our contact page or an email to contact@picturepundit.com