55 250 vs 70 300: Choose The Best Lens for You

Choosing the right set of lenses for your camera is very confusing. You might start to scratch your head because of so many alternatives in the market. 

However, among all the options, the 55 250 and 70 300 are two very popular lenses. 

But it’s very hard to decide on one from 55 250 vs 70 300.

To make your work easy we’ve prepared a complete comparison below. Going through our discussion, picking the right lens won’t be any troublesome task.

Numerous aspects distinguish the 55 250 and 70 300 lenses. The focal length of the 70 300 lens is greater than the 55 250. It also has a higher number of aperture blades and a lesser aperture size. Yet the weight and price of the 55 250 are very less.

To help you we’ll discuss our views on the 55 250 and 70 300 lenses here. Give some of your valuable moments. And let’s go through this together-

Short Comparison 

You have to consider several factors before choosing the right lens for you. The work of comparing all the factors is pretty complex. 

We have collected all the key points in a table for you. Check it out!

Factors55 25070 300
Focal Length 55mm to 250mm70mm to 300mm
Metal Mount Not Available Available 
Greater Zoom 4.55x4.30x
Weight375 Grams630 Grams
Aperture Blades79
Aperture SizeHigherLower
PriceOrder Now!Order Now!

Now you can make a fast decision and choose between 55-250 vs 70-300

But we have one more thing to add to the table. It’s a comparative graph that’ll help you to understand everything more clearly. So, take a look below-

We have also made a detailed discussion of all the factors below for you. Let’s have a look at that to get a full idea.

Detailed Comparison 

Source: https://astrobackyard.com/

Since you’re still reading, you want to know more about the differences between 55-250 and 70-300 lenses. See our detailed discussion on the lenses carefully. Then make the best decision!


Truth be told, we actually love the things that are amazing but come in the cheapest price. You see, there is quite a gap between the price of 70 300 and 55 250. The 55 250 is a cheaper lens. You will get this lens by spending around $200. 

On the contrary, the price of the 70 300 lenses is around $600. The gap between the prices is about $400! So give some thoughts here first.

55-250mm astrophotography performance is pretty good too. Though the 70 300 is an upgrade, you have to spend $400 more. We think that this more price is not value for money. 

As I’m getting 55-250 in a cheaper price, what I’d do is buying some accessories for the camera. Such as-

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As a result, the 55 250 comes out as the winner. Anyway, we won’t discourage you to get the 70 300. If you think you need its specs, spend the extra bucks and get it!

Winner: 55 250 

Focal Length 

When we compared 17mm and 24mm lenses, we saw focal lengths play an important role for big and small lenses. This length indicates the distance between the camera and the subject while capturing photos. 

In 70 300 you will get more focal length than the 55 250. 70 300 lenses have a range of 70 mm to 300mm. And what does 55-250mm lens mean? Well, this means the 55 250 has a focal length of 50 mm to 250mm. 

If you want narrow angle but higher magnification then go for longer focal length. On the other hand, if you want wide angle but lower magnification go for short focal length. 

If you wanna know how to increase the focal length of your camera, watch the following video-

Winner: Tie

Mounting Material 

Source: https://ae.pricena.com/

Appropriate mounting material is necessary for the versatility of the lens. With proper material, the lens can be used with many cameras. 

The 55 250 lens doesn’t come with a metal mounting. This lens is compatible with EF-S models only. But the 70 300 comes with metal mountings. This lens is good for EF and EF-S models.

Winner: 70 300 

Zooming Options 

Let’s check the 55-250 vs 70-300 zoom facilities. The good quality of zooming power is highly appreciated by the photographers.

The 55 250 lenses can zoom more than the 70 300 lenses. 

So what is a 55-250mm zoom? It has a zooming capacity of 4.55 times. Whereas the 70-300 lens has 4.30 times. So the 55 250 can zoom .25 times more than its competitor.

Winner: 55 250 

Weight of The Lenses 

Camera is a mobile device. You’ve to use it at different places. The size of the tripod screw may vary for the weight of your camera setup. 

The 55 250 weighs only 375 grams and the 70 300 weighs 630 grams. You can see the difference between 55-250 and 75-300mm lens is pretty big here. The 70 300 weighs 255 grams more than the 55 250!

However, in case of motion control if you’re having issues with your heavy camera just get a slider. Some of the sliders that’ll give you smooth control are-

Winner: 55 250 

Number of Aperture Blades 

The number of the aperture blades can control the blurred quality of the out-of-focus regions. This phenomenon of blurring is known as bokeh. The bokeh surely changes the image quality of lenses like 75-300mm lens image quality.

The 70 300 comes with 9 Aperture blades. Professional photographers regard 9 blades as the best construction for bokeh. On the other hand, the 50 250 has 7 aperture blades. 

Here is a picture twitted by a photographer captured by 70 300-

Winner: 70 300 

Aperture Size 

Source: https://www.skyes.co/

The aperture size determines the quantity of light coming into the lens. The less the aperture of a lens the more it can get light. So you must know about aperture before coming to a decision.

70 300 beats the 55 250 in aperture size easily. In both maximum and minimum focal length, the 70 300 has less aperture than the 55 250. You will get more light with this lens.

Winner: 70 300 

Now make a wise selection based on our discussion. To help you more we have discussed our views on these two lenses below. Have a look at that if you are still confused.

The Winner in 55 250 vs 70 300

Both the lenses are very good and do their work nicely. This makes the work of choosing one lens very tough. We have selected a winner between 55 250 and 70 300 after analyzing all the factors carefully.

The 70 300 is an upgrade to the 55 250 lenses. You will get a great focal length and aperture with the 70 300 lenses. Also, the quantity of aperture blades is higher. You will even get metal mountings with this lens.


Is a 300mm Lens Good for Wildlife?

Yes, a 300mm lens can be good for wildlife. A 300mm or 400mm lens can get excellent wildlife photos due to their great focal lengths.

What is a 55 250 Lens Used for? 

55 250 is a telephoto lens. So this lens is used for shooting subjects at a far distance. For example, football players.

What is the 75 300mm Lens Good for?

The 75-300 has a very wide focal length. This helps the photographer to get some good shots of faraway subjects. The zoom lens is very budget-friendly too.

Last Words

This is everything you need to know about 55 250 vs 70 300. 

One last tip. Before choosing the lens, decide your work of interest first. Then you will be able to choose the best lens for you.

Happy clicking!

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