About Picture Pundit

Picture Pundit is all about creating one unique platform that serves as a go-to place for photography enthusiasts with any kind of queries. 

We, a bunch of photographers, started our journey 5 years back. Back then, we made a  couple of bad decisions due to the lack of enough information on our top picks of gadgets. Also in their different features. This is what inspired us to create this platform. 

Not only that, since we did not take any formal education on photography back then, we did struggle a lot to completely get at all the basics. So here, we aim to let our audience understand the basics of photography. So that they don’t need to go places making a hefty payment.

We constantly try to shed our knowledge on the dynamic range of topics that keep emerging in the photography industry. 

We’re all about making the life of a young enthusiastic photographer’s life a little better.

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