What Is Metering Timer? [All you need to know]

Light is the life of a photograph. Decent lighting makes a photograph perfect. 

It’s a necessity for a photographer to control the brightness and exposure of light. The metering concept is what serves this very purpose.

So, what is metering timer?

Metering timer determines the duration exposure value display which occurs after pressing the shutter button halfway. It is a tool through which a user can set how long the exposure settings are displayed. One can control the level of light in a photo by using Metering timers.

But that’s not the end of it. You surely need to know about a lot of technical stuff to understand everything better.

So let’s not roam around the bush and get right into the article!

Metering Timer

A metering timer determines the duration exposure value display. It starts after pressing the shutter button for a moment and then releasing it.

You can find this option in main sub-menus of shooting.

So, you want to know what does metering timer means?

Metering timer means It sets the time for how long the meter will be active during the live view. It reflects the amount of time the camera is on.Some misunderstand to be to the exposure compensation controller without pressing the shutter button.

A user can set how long the exposure settings are displayed through this.

Well, that is what is meant by metering timer.

Still confused, metering timer, what is it?

In a DSLR camera, there are many modes for taking the perfect photo. For those modes, there is a metering timer that helps us control the exposure. It helps a photographer have the freedom to control the level of brightness.

Hopefully, we can say you understood what the metering timer meant.

You might also want to gather what metering timer do?

The metering timer sets the duration of exposure value for display. In a camera, the photographer has the option to set how long the metering timer has to run. 

It is preferred to take a photo just after taking a meter reading or exposure lock.

It would be 15 to 30 seconds unless a photographer needs more time for delayed photos.

How to Use the Metering Timer

To use a metering timer a user has to press the shutter or use the base back button focus. This is to be done in one of the creative zone modes then release. 

The camera meter takes a reading and sets the right level of exposure. These values disappear after the amount of time set by this option. 

To take a new reading, you have to half-press again at that point.

There are many cameras out there and each are different. So, let’s take a Canon 6D camera for example.

So, you might ask what is metering timer on canon 6D camera? How does it work in it or how to use it?

In a Canon 6D camera, the user needs to press the rear AV. After that plus or minus button and turn the top main dial. The user can see a scale in the viewfinder. That’s how it works.

In a camera, the user can set how long the metering timer has to run. It determines the duration exposure value display. A user can do it with the help of a metering timer.

Most people like to take a photo soon after taking a meter reading or exposure lock.

It would be 15 to 30 seconds unless a photographer needs more time for delayed photos.

One might ask what metering timer does in photography?

Well, it calculates the level of exposure. For a photographer, the most important thing is the lighting. The level of exposure determines the brightness of the object.

In other words, the most vital instrument to take a photo. Have a question about how to turn off metering timer off?

Well, when the set time is finished it will automatically turn off.

One other thing, camera framing Is the position and placement of the subjects in one’s camera, some use tripods to hold the camera better for less distortion.

Many times the tripod screws become loose. In that case, it’s important to know the correct size of tripod screws.

Types of Metering

Metering is crucial for photographers to click a good photo. It decides how many lights it needs to take a better picture. 

By this feature the photographer can balance the exposure of the camera that is perfect for a particular picture. 

The four types of metering are-

1. Matrix Metering

2. Center-Weighted Metering

3. Spot Metering

4. Partial Metering

Matrix Metering

It is one of the most popular metering systems. It is also known as zone metering and multi-segment metering.

Metering is a way by which a camera determines exposures. In matrix metering, the camera divides the frames into multiple segments. After that, it sets exposure to a variety of information including subject brightness and color.

It’s the best mode for beginners. With this mode, even a beginner can shoot like a pro. As a beginner, you can choose a 24mm when it comes between 24mm and 16mm lenses.

Center-Weighted Metering

In center-weighted metering, the camera evaluates the lights in the center and its surroundings and ignores the corners. It doesn’t give each and every zone similar priority.

In this mode, the central part and its surroundings get the most priority of exposure.

Spot Metering

Spot metering takes a reading of the exposure from only the focus point of the frame. It sets just a small area of the landscape. It only evaluates the exposures of a single part of the frame that the user is focusing on.

It doesn’t matter if the background is dark or light in spot metering. It works great on backlit subjects.

For using it you need to know how to use spot metering.

Partial Metering

In partial metering, the camera measures the lights in a particular spot and its immediate surroundings. It measures the light of only 10-15 percent of the scene.It’s like the expanded spot measuring because the spot that it measures is specific but not tiny.

Hopefully, that will be enough.


What does a metering timer mean in camera?

When a user presses half of the shutter button in one of the creative zone modes then releases it the camera takes a reading and sets an exposure value. This is known as the metering timer.

What is the metering mode?

Metering modes are used to evaluate the exposure of a picture and control that.

There are four types of modes for adjusting the level of exposure.

What metering mode should a beginner use?

The matrix model is best for the beginner. It divides the frames into segments and evaluates the exposures individually. 


That’s all I’ve got to say about what is metering timer. Hopefully, this information will lessen your worry.

The most important thing in a photograph is its exposure.

For beginners nothing to worry about. Just keep up your passion for photography.

I wish you the best of luck!

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